A beautiful spot on Lake Malawi

Matema Beach is approx 130 kms from Mbeya on the Northern tip of Lake Malawi, overlooked by the Livingstone mountains. The road from Mbeya takes you through high mountains, small villages, banana plantations and tea estates.


This is the closest thing to a resort on the Tanzanian shore of the Lake but not one that gets over-run by tourists. There are several choices of good clean accommodation. You can hire dugout canoes or kayaks, explore Pango Cave and see the wildlife around the swampy Lufirio River Mouth to the West of the town. Hiking in the Livingstone Mountains. The region is well known for its distinctive Kisi pottery which is sold throughout the area. Heading further South

For the more intrepid traveler we can head down the Eastern side of Lake Malawi towards the Mozambique border to the quiet area around the village of Mbamba Bay. We can take the slow overland route to get here or the ferry down from the North. For those heading further South, the ferry travels onwards to Nkhata Bay in Malawi.


  • Hiking to the nearby waterfalls
  • Snorkeling to view the colored fish (Cichlids)
  • Visiting Ikombe to see the potters making locally re-known Kisi pottery
  • Walking along the beach to see the hand carved fishing boats & drying fish
  • Visiting a bat cave
  • Also note that Lake Nyasa is the cheapest place in the world to get your open water diving certification (enjoy viewing more than 500 species of fish while learning)



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