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The uluguru mountains are the mountain range in eastern Tanzania  named after the uluguru tribe one of the most popular hikes short day trip at your plan for hike to lupanga peak 2150m above sea level a tough walk of 6 to 8 hours on this hike you will be able to see the kinole waterfall meet Waluguru people who are very friendly and enjoy the strawberries.

Water Catchment

A remote waterfall near Kinole

The forests of the mountains provide the water catchment areas for the streams and rivers. This water flows mainly from the forest-capped peaks of the Ulugurus with the streams joining to form the Ruvu river, which provides the water supply to the city of Dar es Salaam. Most of the neighboring population, around 3 million people, and the major industries in Tanzania rely on this water supply for their continued survival.[4] The loss of the Uluguru forests and any reduction in water supply potential of the mountains could therefore have a drastic impact on the human well-being and the industrial capacity of Tanzania.

Local people

The local people of the Ulugurus are the Waluguru tribe people. They have been living in the mountains for several hundred years, coming from other areas of Tanzania. The land ownership is through the female line and women are powerful in village life, in contrast to other tribes in Tanzania where men own the land and make most of the decisions about its use and management.


In the Ulugurus are home to more than 100 plants, 2 birds, 2 mammals, 4 reptiles and 6 amphibians which are known from nowhere else in the world. In addition to these there are a large number of additional species which are only shared with one or two other Eastern Arc mountains, and hence are globally rare. The endemic species include African Violets, Impatiens and Begonias which are popular pot-plants in the rest of the world.


Sunrise over one of the mountains

The mountains attracts many tourists to the area, particularly due to the mountains' proximity to the former capital and economic center of Tanzania, the city of Dar es Salaam.

The other popular thing with Uluguru mountain is to vIst Morningside



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