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One of the Tanzania’s most beautiful wilderness area, the Udzungwa Mountains have a high forest area and a haven for nickers .The mountain are a part of the Eastern African area chain of ancient mountain ranges from the Uluguru mountains to Udzungwa mountains. Udzungwa’s wildlife is rich containing Tanzania largest variety of primates ten species including four that are not found anywhere else, these are the some red 1010bus monkey, the matundu galago and the mountain Warf galago (bush baby ). Other primates include black white monkeys blue monkeys and thick tailed gulago, over 250 bird species have been recorded and over 1300 species of buttery,


The most popular route is the same falls trail that heads through many forest zones to some water which drops over 170meters. The first two have splash pools you can swim in providing a refreshing experience the herd has the longest fall.


Udzungwa is the largest and most biodiversity of a chain of a dozen large forest-swathed mountains that rise majestically from the flat coastal scrub of eastern Tanzania. Known collectively as the Eastern Arc Mountains, this archipelago of isolated massifs has also been dubbed the African Galapagos for its treasure-trove of endemic plants and animals, most familiarly the delicate African violet.

Udzungwa alone among the ancient ranges of the Eastern Arc has been accorded national park status. It is also unique within Tanzania in that its closed-canopy forest spans altitudes of 250 meters (820 feet) to above 2,000 meters (6,560 ft) without interruption.

About Udzungwa Mountains National Park

Size: 1,990 sq km (770 sq miles).

Location: Five hours (350 km/215 miles) from Dar es Salaam; 65 kms (40 miles) southwest of Mikumi.

Getting there

Drive from Dar es Salaam or Mikumi National Park.

What to do

From a two-hour hike to the waterfall to camping safaris.

Combine with nearby Mikumi or en route to Ruaha.

When to go

Possible year round although slippery in the rains.

The dry season is June-October before the short rains but be prepared for rain anytime.


Camping inside the park.

Bring all food and supplies.

Two modest but comfortable lodges with en-suite rooms within 1km of the park entrance.


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