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Agro-tourism is less growing tourism activities in Tanzania, most of tourism operators engage in wildlife tourism due to fact that its is highly paid and availability of wildlife.

We as tour operator we know the benefit of agri tourism and we become part of it. Agro tourism has less effect to environments, preserve native culture and direct benefit local people. Agri tourism combine both agriculture and tourism activities while preserve environments and support local people economically. Due to understanding of agriculture as Tanzanian economy backbone, we promote agri tourism by prepare agritourism tour package.

Our agri tourism tour promote income of local people, provide employments, and more over protect environments and culture. Visitors will experience Tanzania farming culture practices; farming systems and test local products directs from farm. The following below are our tour package for agri tourism

Sisal tour

Tanzania is one of leading country in sisal plantation, the main plantation regions of sisal are; Tanga, Mtwara, Lindi and Morogoro.

Our customized sisal plantation tour organized mainly in Morogoro yet we can arrange sisal tour to Tanga accompanied with fruits plantation tour. During this tour you will have an opportunity to see stages of sisal productions from planting, pruning and harvest. The processing stage partially start at the farm before brought to the factories for more final preparations. You will have an opportunity to see sisal final products, packaging and transporting.

Sisal tour accompanied with historical tour around sisal estate left by colonialist pioneer of this agriculture. You will see their equipment used for productions and great innovations from colonialism sisal productions up to date

Locations: Kingolwira-morogoro Tanga regions

Banana tour

Morogoro is well known for plenty of food in Tanzania, banana is among of the agriculture products mainly produced in Morogoro. It is third region for banana plantations apart from Kilimanjaro and bukoba.

Tradition banana agriculture carried throughout Uluguru mountains areas, its not extensive farming practices as people conduct bananas plantations for food purpose not for commercial. If it happens, they produce excess they sell it local to the markets.

Hiking tour towards bananas farm ads flavor for banana tour and makes experiences perfects. Banana tour offer visitor opportunity to see bananas harvest process, preparations and storage. They experience traditionally harvest process and test rip fresh bananas in the farm

Location: Uluguru mountains -Morogoro

Strawberry farm tour

Top of Uluguru mountains you will experiences traditionally Tanzanian strawberry garden. Adjacent clean and natural cold ware stream. Farmers produce strawberry for commercia but not extensive farming. We offer tour during strawberry season to our visitor to learn and watch traditionally strawberry plantation. Prepare to taste natural strawberry

Shambani tour

Tour organized to experience modern farming system implemented by Sokoine university at mazimbu campus. This tour offers experiences of milk production from Tanzanian cow. Visitors learn the process of milk preparation, packaging and storage. They complete all process within one area without import any material. You will see animal feed preparation from farm and how they store it.

The tour include story about original of farming, the founder and detailed productions process. Also include products produced, markets and animal keeping process

Suggeco tour


Mlali Agro tourism markets

Saturday every week farmers gathered in mlali village almost 25km from Morogoro town. We prepare that tour to experiences local markets and see people selling and buying agriculture products.



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